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Doolittle Raid on Japan, 18 April 1942
This page features a historical overview of the Doolittle Raid on Japan, images of USS Hornet launching Army bombers on the morning of 18 April 1942 and 

Pacific War

Second Sino-Japanese War (including the 1945 Soviet-Japanese conflict ). The Doolittle Raid did minimal damage but was a huge morale

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Australian War Memorial – Encyclopedia
These ships were beginning to make their presence felt with a number of raids on Japanese bases in the central and south Pacific.

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Payback for Pearl – History Net
Doolittle's Raiders avenged Pearl Harbor by hitting the Japanese where they least expected it—at home. April 18, 1942: Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle led 16 bombers off the USS Hornet in a historic raid on Japan. IN EARLY 1942, even apart from the horrific losses suffered at Pearl Harbor—2,403 men killed and 1,178 wounded, the backbone of the U.S. Navy battle fleet seemingly destroyed—the geopolitical scene could hardly have looked darker for the 

The First Heroes: The Extraordinary Story of the Doolittle Raid– America’s …
Craig Nelson, published 2003, 448 pages

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